The placement of the Chuck Taylor logo on the inner side of Converse shoes is something that’s puzzled fashion-conscious people for years.

From a branding perspective, it seems counterintuitive; putting the logo on the outer side would ostensibly provide more visibility and act as a form of free advertising for the brand.

One possible explanation could be heritage and tradition.

When the logo was first introduced, basketball players wore Converse, and the logo faced the audience when a player took a shot.

To maintain brand consistency, this placement has remained unchanged. However, the modern era calls for a fresh look at things.

To address this, Converse could experiment with a limited edition series that features the logo on the outer side.

This would gauge customer reception to the change and offer insight into whether a permanent alteration would be well-received.

Alternatively, they could offer customization options that allow buyers to choose the logo’s placement, blending the best of old and new.