You may have scratched your head more than once over the enigmatic two holes on the side of your Converse shoes. The most widespread belief is that they serve as ventilation holes.

Considering Converse originated as basketball shoes, ventilation makes sense for athletes who would be wearing them for extended periods.

However, Converse has never officially confirmed this theory, which leaves room for speculation.

Another popular idea is that these holes allow for alternative lacing methods, offering customization opportunities.

As a solution, Converse could launch a marketing campaign focused on the various creative ways the side holes can be utilized for lacing, breathing new life into a classic design element.

Lastly, transparency from the brand could solve this once and for all.

Converse could make a public statement or include information in their product descriptions explaining the original intent of the side holes. This would not only put an end to the rumors but also add a layer of history and purpose to their classic design.