Overview of Skechers Wide Width Options

Skechers offers a selection of wider width shoes for men and women. For those needing more room in the toe box or have wider feet, Skechers has wide width options across many of their popular athletic and casual styles.

Below is an overview of the types of wide width options available for Skechers shoes.

Skechers Shoe Widths Explained

Skechers shoes come in standard medium widths marked “M” and “B” for men and women respectively. They also offer select shoes in wider widths:

The wide and extra wide options accommodate those needing more room through the forefoot and toe area. Check the shoe tongue or box to find the width marking.

Wide Width Skechers Shoe Models

Many Skechers walking, running, and lifestyle shoes come in wide sizes. Some examples include:

Benefits of Wider Skechers Shoes

Wearing properly fitted shoes is crucial for comfort and foot health. Skechers wide width shoes offer:

FAQs About Skechers Wide Width Shoes

Where can you buy wide width Skechers shoes?

You can find wide width Skechers at their retail stores, outlet locations, online at Skechers.com, and major shoe retailers like Zappos.

How do you find your width size?

Use a Brannock device or printed sizing chart to measure your foot length and width. An ideal fit allows about a thumb’s width of space in the toe box.

Do custom wide Skechers shoes exist?

Skechers does not currently offer custom made extra wide shoes. Their stock wide and extra wide sizes aim to fit those needing more room.

What if wide isn’t wide enough?

Consider trying shoes a half or full size up from your normal size for more room. You can also try sizing up on width into the extra wide if wide is still too snug.

Are Skechers wide calf boots available?

Yes, select Skechers boots like the Relaxed Fit®: Empire – Wide Calf are designed to accommodate wider calves.


For those needing more room in their shoes, Skechers wide width footwear can provide a comfortable fit. Make sure to accurately determine your measurements to find the appropriate shoe width. This ensures proper stability, alleviates pressure, and allows ample toe space.